English-Under Construction

Hello, I am Elly from YOKOSUKA BREAK,

We are currently expanding our business and are now ordering, buying, and shipping parts to all over the world.

This includes:

- Ordering parts straight from the manufacturer, i.e. Work Wheels, D-MAX and others

-Yahoo Japan, ie. bidding, buy it now


-Mobile Auctions

YOKOSUKA BREAK will continue to offer various kinds of services, such as selling & buying new/old cars, repairing, Shaken inspection, and installing OEM or custom sunroofs.


We also offer Electronic cigarettes, i.e. VAPE. We have a large range of flavors available.


I understand both Japanese and English, so please email us at breakshopjdm@gmail.com to place an order, arrange a quote or any questions you may have.


Thank you very much